Acrygel Clear

Cod. 13511 | 30 ml


One phase hybrid gel which combines acrylic and gel characteristics. Transparent color, it is used for natural nail, extension and refill.
Quantity: 30 ml 

Due to it’s particular viscosity, Acrygel has to be worked differently from traditional gel and modeled with a specific liquid. It has to be picked from jar using the spatula and modeled with the brush using Acrygel Solution, Specific liquid useful for moistening the bristles of the brush when using Acrygel. Delicately scented, it is used to model Acrygel in the various application techniques.


- Is applied like acrylic

- No need of monomer

- Odorless

- Cures in UV or LED lamps

- Doesn’t move and can be applied on all nails together 

- Ideal for all nail types and lengths

- Highly resistant

- Packed in jar for total usage of the product without waste

When to use

- Application on natural nails

- Extension with tip

- Extension with nail form

- Application with Tip Dual Form

How to use

Application on natural nails

1. Prepare the nail.

2. Apply Adhesion Promoter.

3. Apply Bonder Plus.

4. Using the Spatula pick the needed amount of Acrygel and apply it over the nail. Moisten the brush with Acrygel Solution, unload excess on a wipe and model Acrygel to the desired shape.

5. Place in UV/LED Lamp for 1/2 minutes.

6. Using a Lint Free Wipe clean the nail with Magic Cleanser.

7. File the nail to the desired shape.

8. Remove any filing residues with Nail Brush.

9. Apply Quick Shine for final shine.

10. Place in UV/LED Lamp for 1/2 minutes.

Color application

For color effect, after point 8 apply Gel Color or Gel Polish and finish with proper top coat (Quick Shine or Base&Top Coat).

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