Nail reconstruction files

Nail files of the highest quality that guarantee superior durability, thanks to the special abrasive paper. The files are washable and disinfectable. Each of our models has been designed with specific characteristics to meet the different needs in the various stages of nail reconstruction or the application of semi-permanent nail polish. Different grits for different work steps.

Long lasting nail files

Files for nail reconstruction and semi-permanent nail polish are a fundamental tool for obtaining a professional and precise treatment. Files are used to file and shape artificial and natural nails, creating the desired shape and smoothing the surface for a flawless finish.

RobyNails files are available in different grits, so you can choose the most suitable one for each phase of nail treatment. They are high quality files able to guarantee a long life, thanks to the special Japanese paper used for their realization, renowned for its strength and durability. Thanks to its composition, in fact, it is able to resist wear and tear and keep its abrasive characteristics intact even after prolonged use. This means that RobyNails Files can be used for many applications, always guaranteeing an effective abrasive action. Furthermore, the Japanese paper has been designed to avoid the formation of burrs and imperfections on the nails during filing and to guarantee a delicate and precise action. Thanks to these characteristics, RobyNails Files are an ideal choice for those looking for professional and high-quality tools for their nail reconstruction and semi-permanent nail polish treatments.

Furthermore, RobyNails files are very handy and easy to use, guaranteeing a pleasant and comfortable work experience for the beautician. For a complete and professional nail treatment, it is essential to also use suitable semi-permanent nail polishes, guaranteeing a long life and an impeccable finish. RobyNails semi-permanent nail polishes are available in a wide range of colours, from the most classic to the most fashionable shades, allowing to satisfy every customer need. Thanks also to the use of our files, semi-permanent nail polishes are easily removable with our Gel Polish Remover: just a light filing of the surface layer of the top coat for perfect removal!