Pure Pigments

Color Pigments for Nails

RobyNails presents Pure Pigments, special colored powders for infinite color combinations. RobyNails color pigments allow you to create new, unique and customized shades. Thanks to the mix with the Gel System and the Semi-permanent Nail Polishes, the pigments release all their multicolour expressive power. All pigments are guaranteed for cosmetic use.

Pure pigments for Gel Nails and Semi-permanent Nail Polish

RobyNails, thanks to its nail reconstruction gel production laboratory, offers its innovative Pure Pigments, colored powders that allow you to create infinite personalized shades.

The pure pigments are formulated with highly pigmented ultra-fine powders and adhere perfectly to the nail for a flawless and long-lasting result.

RobyNails Pure Pigments are easy to use: just add the powder to Gel or Semi-Permanent Nail Polish to create a unique and customized colour. The range of colors available is wide and offers infinite possibilities of combinations and shades, allowing you to create unique and original looks.

RobyNails colored pigments are suitable for both professionals in the sector and nail art enthusiasts who want to create original and customized nails. Thanks to their high adherence, Pure Pigments guarantee a long-lasting result and an extraordinary shine.

The use of RobyNails Pure Pigments allows you to give free rein to your creativity and to create original and innovative looks. The pigments can be used to create shades, to add reflections and glitter to the nail, to decorate with unique designs and patterns.

RobyNails Pure Pigments are safe and guaranteed for cosmetic use, for a high quality result and a safe and pleasant nail art experience. They are therefore a must-have for those who want to create personalized and innovative looks for their nails, while guaranteeing a professional result.