Builder Gel in a Bottle

Brush on One Phase Builder Gel

Builder Gel in a Bottle is a one-phase builder gel in a bottle with a brush. Thanks to its particular characteristics, it allows nail reconstruction and easy application in a very short time with excellent results. A builder gel that guarantees exceptional durability on all types of nails. Builder Gel in a Bottle is Soak Off, therefore easily removable with the special liquid remover.

Bottle Builder Gel for nail reconstruction

Builder Gel in a Bottle is an alternative to the nail reconstruction gel, as it allows you to work quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its one-phase formulation, it is possible to apply it directly from the bottle with its small brush, without the need for other brushes or additional jars, making the gel application process faster and easier.

This product is particularly suitable for those who wish to lengthen their nails with form or tip technique, but also to strengthen and give structure to natural nails.

Furthermore, Builder Gel in a Bottle fits perfectly into the range of semi-permanent nail polishes, allowing you to create a colored and chip resistant finish. Thanks to its versatile formula, it is possible to use it in different shades for a natural effect or to obtain a more lively and original look. Its creamy texture ensures uniform and precise application, guaranteeing perfect adhesion to the nail bed and a long-lasting result.

Builder Gel in a Bottle is also appreciated for its ability to self-level, that is to distribute itself evenly over the nail surface. This makes the application of the gel easier and faster, guaranteeing a professional result even for those approaching nail reconstruction for the first time. Furthermore, thanks to its high resistance, this builder gel represents the ideal choice for those who want perfect and long-lasting nails, without the need for constant touch-ups.

In summary, Builder Gel in a Bottle is an innovative, versatile and easy-to-use product, ideal for all those who wish to obtain a professional result without wasting too much time. Thanks to its one-phase formula and its ability to self-level, this builder gel represents the ideal choice for lengthening and strengthening natural nails, guaranteeing a long-lasting and resistant result.