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Gel and Semi-permanent Nails Reconstruction Kits

From RobyNails experience, Nail Kits complete with all the necessary products for nail reconstruction. Specific kits ideal for the different nail reconstruction techniques or semi-permanent nail polish application: Nail reconstruction gel kit with LED lamp, Nail reconstruction kit without lamp, Semi-permanent nail polish kit, Dip System kit, Acrygel kit. Ideal in combination with training courses.

Nail reconstruction kit and semi-permanent nail polish kit

Our nail reconstruction kits offer all the necessary products for nail reconstruction and the application of semi-permanent nail polish. Some of our kits come complete with a lamp, to guarantee you a professional and high-quality experience in nail reconstruction.

In the range you will find semi-permanent nail polish kits on offer, acrylic immersion kits and acrygel kits. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our kits will offer you everything you need to achieve perfect results in any nail reconstruction technique.

Furthermore, our nail reconstruction kits and semi-permanent nail polish kits are suitable for every need, thanks to the wide range of products available.

In particular, the semi-permanent nail polish kit includes a semi-permanent nail polish color to choose from a wide range and accessories, such as files, buffers and primers, essential for nail preparation. The lamp, included in the lamp kit, guarantees perfect and long-lasting drying of semi-permanent nail polishes.

The Dip Acrylic Kit includes all the elements you need to create perfect nails in three simple steps. The immersion acrylic powder is applied directly to the nail, without the need for primer, without the need for a lamp: for super resistant and long-lasting nails.

The Acrygel kit is ideal for those who want nails that are resistant like acrylic and soft to file like gel. Thanks to its high viscosity and easy application, the acrygel kit allows you to obtain a professional result in no time.

In any case, our nail reconstruction kits and semi-permanent nail polish kits are an excellent choice for perfect nails.