Nail Tips

Tip for nail reconstruction

The nail reconstruction tips are available in different shapes, materials and sizes for the various types of nail extensions and reconstruction. Classic tips in special plastic material, light and flexible. Dual form tip, ideal for acrygel and reverse french. Soft gel tips, the gel tips for reconstructing nails quickly and easily.

Tip for nail reconstruction and dual form

The Tips are fundamental tools for lengthening the natural nail before covering it with gel. These products are available in different types, each with specific characteristics that make them suitable for different nail reconstruction needs.

The classic abs tips are very popular and represent the ideal choice for those looking for a resistant and long-lasting stretch. Available in various shapes and colors, they adapt perfectly to any nail shape.

The Dual Form Tips are specific to the acrygel line, they guarantee particular precision in the application and a professional result.

The Soft Gel Tips are ideal for anyone looking for an easy and immediate application: they adapt perfectly to the natural nail and allow for extensions in just a few steps.

 How to choose the Tip that best suits your needs? It is important to evaluate some factors such as the shape of the nail, the desired length and flexibility. Also, choosing the right material can affect how long the stretch lasts. The abs tips, for example, are very resistant but can be more rigid, while the Soft Gel Tips are flexible but less suitable for more fragile nails. In any case, you can choose from several options and find the one that best suits your needs.

 In summary, choosing the right Tip for nail reconstruction depends on personal needs and the characteristics of the natural nail.