Brushes for Nails Extension and Nail Art

Our line of nail extension brushes and nail art brushes is made with high quality fibers and designed for a better user experience. Brushes for nail reconstruction of different shapes and materials to perform all the most advanced techniques for applying and modeling gel for nail reconstruction.

Gel Brushes for Nails Extension and Nail Art

Our range of brushes for nail extension and nail art have been created with care, using only the highest quality fibers and materials.

We have a wide choice of shapes to meet all the needs of professionals. Our brushes are specially designed to give you a superior user experience so you can work with precision and create detailed designs on the nail surface.

There are brushes from the smallest sizes for detailed work, such as making flowers or intricate decorations, up to the larger brushes, suitable for quick cover on the nail surface.

Our range of brushes is constantly updated to respond to the latest nail art trends and techniques. We are always looking for new materials and shapes to improve the use experience of our customers.