Gel Nail Enhancement

Unique and exclusive Nail Builder Gel

RobyNails nail reconstruction gels have very rapid polymerization times, leave no residue to clean up and do not require filing because they are self-leveling. Builder and monophasic gels, ideal for the most sensitive hands, respect the natural nail and ensure excellent results. RobyNails nail reconstruction gels are produced in Italy in our laboratories and are ideal both for nail reconstruction with tips and for nail reconstruction with form.

Gel Nail Enhancement

The range of RobyNails nail reconstruction gels offers a vast choice of products to adapt to the different needs of specialists in the sector.

The one-phase, two-phase and three-phase builder gels are perfect for creating long-lasting nails and carrying out nail reconstruction with form or nail reconstruction with tip.

Thanks to their consistency and different degrees of viscosity, these gels allow for easy application and precise control when creating the nail structure.

The one-phase gel most appreciated by professionals is the Clear Rock Gel, a very resistant gel on all types of nails and easy to shape.

The gel cover has an optimal texture and is available in perfect shades to match the natural color of the nail. This type of gel is particularly suitable for covering any defects and for creating a uniform camouflage effect.

White gel is used to create the famous French manicure. It is easy to apply and allows you to create the perfect white line on the nail tip.

Finally, we have the Power Gel, the special gel with fiber. A type of gel with the addition of ultra-resistant fibers, capable of giving the reconstructed nails greater durability and resistance to external stress. The presence of the fibers inside the gel allows to create an anchoring effect between the reconstruction and the natural nail, avoiding the premature detachment of the gel. Furthermore, the fiber allows you to create a strengthening effect along the length of the nail, without adding excessive thickness. The gel with fiber is particularly suitable for those with fragile nails subject to breakage, but also for those who want to obtain a better hold of the reconstruction on long nails. The application of the gel with fiber is quick and easy and the final result will be a natural-looking, resistant and long-lasting reconstruction.

All RobyNails gels have a self-leveling formula, do not require filing and have no dispersion. They stay completely dry after curing. Their hold is excellent on all types of nails and they are perfect for both nail reconstruction with form and nail reconstruction with tip.