Dip System

The acrylic immersion method

Dip System, immersion acrylic, is the most used lamp-free nail reconstruction system in the USA: it allows you to obtain perfect results on all types of nails in 3 easy steps. Immersion acrylic saves time, does not require the use of a UV or LED lamp, is easy to remove, odorless, keeps nails healthy and guarantees exceptional durability and a permanent shine.

Dip System, the nail reconstruction gel without a lamp

The RobyNails Dip System is a revolutionary nail reconstruction technique that allows you to obtain professional results quickly and effectively. Thanks to its 3 simple steps, the Dip System allows you to create perfect nails on any type of nail, even the most difficult to reconstruct.

One of the main characteristics of the Dip System is its speed. Compared to other nail reconstruction techniques, the Dip System takes less time and does not require UV/LED lamps. Furthermore, thanks to its innovative formulation, immersion acrylic is easy to remove and does not give off unpleasant odours.

The RobyNails Dip System is also very gentle on natural nails. In fact, thanks to its exclusive formula, the Dip System keeps nails healthy and strong, protecting them from any damage caused by reconstruction. In addition, it guarantees exceptional durability and a permanent shine, keeping nails perfect for weeks.

The range of colors available for the Dip System is wide and includes lively and bright shades, ideal for creating personalized nail decorations. Furthermore, the Dip System can be used to create a large variety of decorations, from classic French manicures to the most daring and imaginative decorations with glitter and sequins.

All this makes the RobyNails Dip System an ideal choice for nail professionals looking for a high quality and easy to use product to create perfect and customized nails.

The only nail reconstruction system without the need to use the lamp!