Nail Polish Colors

Professional nail polish

Nail Dress is the extraordinary professional nail polish with unique characteristics. Formula 13-Free, which protects the natural nail. Our nail polish is Cruelty Free and Vegan. It guarantees exceptional durability, perfect application without streaks. It has a rich, covering and fluid texture. Dries quickly with an excellent final shine.

Professional nail polish

Nail Dress is a professional nail polish with unique characteristics. Its formula is 13-Free, i.e. free of 13 substances harmful to health and the environment, such as toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. This makes it an eco-friendly product, ideal for those who want to take care of their nails in a healthy and responsible way.

But the characteristics of Nail Dress don't stop there: its exceptional duration guarantees a perfect hold for up to two weeks, without chipping. Furthermore, its rich and fluid texture allows for perfect application without leaving streaks, making application quick and easy. The quick drying of Nail Dress is another of its great qualities, which allows you to have perfectly dry and ready-to-use nails in just a few minutes.

Finally, Nail Dress gives the nails maximum shine, which lasts for a long time. Thanks to its special formula, the nail is smooth, shiny and perfectly cared for.

Nail Dress polish includes a wide range of colors, suitable for every occasion and personal taste. From classic shades to more lively and daring ones, the Nail Dress professional nail polish collection offers a wide choice of colors to satisfy every need.

Also choose from the different top and base coats for nail polish. Among the top coats we also have Sun Power, a special top coat for nail polishes that extends the duration up to a week, thanks to its photo-hardening properties in natural and UV light.

If you want a quality, cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly and professional looking nail polish, Nail Dress is the ideal nail polish. Its 13-Free formula, exceptional durability, perfect streak-free application, quick drying and maximum shine make it one of the best nail care and beauty products on the market.