Gel Polish

Gel Polish

Welcome to the Gel Polish section, RobyNails' exclusive semi-permanent nail polishes. Choose from different Gel Polish bases, such as the vitamin-strengthening one, the transparent filling rubber base or the nude effect, and various semi-permanent top coats, from the Base&Top in a single product to Matte for an opaque look. Then choose from over 150 semi-permanent nail polish colors to customize your manicure. High quality semi-permanent nail polishes for excellent and long-lasting results.

Professional Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Gel Polish is the line of professional Semi-Permanent Nail Polish: excellent durability, impeccable application, exceptional resistance and many trendy colours.

Gel Polish is a semi-permanent nail polish that offers numerous advantages over traditional nail polishes. Thanks to its gel-based formula, the Gel Polish dries quickly under a UV or LED lamp, ensuring a longer life than normal nail polishes. Furthermore, the Gel Polish is resistant to chipping, making it ideal for those who want to have a perfect manicure for weeks without having to touch it up.

Our semi-permanent nail polishes are available in a wide range of colours, from pastel shades to bolder and brighter shades, allowing you to customize your manicure according to your style and personality.

Furthermore, the Gel Polishes can be used to create decorations and nail art, thanks to their thick consistency and easy to work with.

Choose from our selection of high quality Gel Polishes, the most sought-after Gel Polishes by professionals in the sector, and find out how to get a flawless manicure that lasts over three weeks. With Gel Polish your manicure will always be perfect and resistant!

It is possible to choose among different bases and top coats of soak off semi-permanent nail polishes, each suitable for different types of nails and working methods: this allows you to customize your application method based on your favorite product.