Gel Polish Reflex

Semi-permanent nail polish with reflex effects

Semi-permanent nail polishes containing special glitter that shine with magnificent reflections. They are semi-permanent nail polishes with beautiful glitter effects in natural light, but when exposed to intense light such as a flash, a halogen lamp or even sunlight, they turn into small luminescent diamonds. A line of semi-permanent nail polishes with extraordinary special effects!

Semi-permanent glitter nail polishes with a reflex light effect

Reflex Gel Polishes are the ideal solution for those who want to give a touch of light and brilliance to their nails.

Thanks to their formula containing special glitter, these semi-permanent nail polishes create magnificent reflections that shine in natural light. But the real magic happens when they are exposed to an intense light source: the little glitters are transformed into real luminescent diamonds that catch the eye.

Available in different shades and finishes, the Reflex Gel Polishes adapt to every style and occasion. They are perfect for creating original and bright nail art, but also for giving a touch of glamour to a simple look.

The impeccable hold of our semi-permanent nail polishes makes them ideal for those who don't want to give up the beauty of their nails even in the face of demanding daily activities. Discover our range of semi-permanent nail polishes with reflex light effect and create a unique and exclusive look for your nails!