1-Step Gel Polish

Gel Polish: 1 product only, 1 step only!

Semi-permanent nail polish with UV LED technology in a single product: colour! A one step semi-permanent nail polish that adheres perfectly to the natural nail without using a base. In addition, the 1-step semi-permanent does not require a top coat as it is already shiny after using the lamp. Significantly reduces application times. Professional formula.

Semi-permanent one-phase nail polish

1-Step Gel Polish is the ideal solution for those who want to have perfect nails in just a few steps. The product, in fact, encompasses all the phases of the application, from the base to the top coat, eliminating the need to use additional products.

Its special formula guarantees perfect adherence to the nail and flawless hold for several weeks. Available in a wide range of colours, from classic red to pastel tones and the trendiest nuances, one-phase gel polish adapts to every need and every style. Its creamy and easy-to-apply texture allows you to obtain a uniform and brilliant result, without streaks or smudges.

Thanks to its exceptional durability, 1-Step Gel Polish is the perfect choice for those who want perfect nails every time, even in situations of stress or high activity. In fact, with just a few gestures, it is possible to obtain a professional and impeccable result that lasts over time. Discover the wide range of colors available and let yourself be conquered by the practicality and quality of the 1-Step Gel Polish.