Extension Volume

Professional Lash Extensions

Ultra-lightweight and comfortable eyelash extensions provide a sensation of natural lightness even when created with various volume effects. Ideal for creating lash fans in the thinnest sizes. Available in various thicknesses, lengths, and curvatures. Ready-made 3D and 5D fans are also available.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions, ideal for application using the Volume technique. With a wide selection of curvatures, thicknesses, and lengths, these extensions will allow you to achieve a spectacular look.

Professional volume eyelash extensions are the secret to incredibly dense, long, and captivating lashes. Made with high-quality materials, they offer impeccable and long-lasting results.

The Volume technique involves applying multiple thin lash extensions onto each natural lash, creating a voluminous and full effect. This advanced method allows for customization based on individual preferences, offering a natural or intense look depending on your needs.

With our professional volume eyelash extensions, you can select the curvature that best suits the natural shape of the lashes. Whether you desire a subtly curved and natural look or a dramatic and captivating effect, we have the perfect curvature for you.

In addition to curvature, you can choose from a wide range of thicknesses and lengths to further customize your clients' look. Opt for thin extensions for a delicate and discreet appearance, or go for thicker and longer fibers for a more intense visual impact.

Our professional volume eyelash extensions are designed to be applied by expert industry professionals. Thanks to their lightweight and superior quality, the extensions seamlessly integrate with natural lashes, providing a uniform appearance.

Give your clients the gift of stunning lashes with our professional volume eyelash extensions. With their variety of curvatures, thicknesses, and lengths, you can create a customized and breathtaking result. Let the lashes speak for themselves and conquer the world with an unforgettable look.