Acrygel Products

Acrygel, the monophasic hybrid gel

Acrygel is the hybrid monophasic gel that combines the characteristics of acrylic with those of gel. Unlike acrylic, it does not require the use of monomer. Like gel, acrygel cures in a UV or LED lamp. Harder than gel and more flexible than acrylic. The high viscosity allows for precise application. With Acrygel you can perform the reverse French technique, also ideal in combination with the Dual Form Tips.

Acrygel, liquid and gel

Acrygel is a hybrid product that combines the characteristics of acrylic and gel, offering a versatile and innovative alternative for nail reconstruction. Unlike traditional acrylic, Acrygel does not require the use of monomer, making it safer and easier to use. Thanks to its viscosity, Acrygel is easy to apply and guarantees precise and long-lasting results.

Acrygel is presented as a monophasic gel which cures in a UV/LED lamp, guaranteeing perfect adhesion to the natural nail and a long lasting final result. Furthermore, acrygel is more resistant and harder than traditional gel, but at the same time more flexible than acrylic.

Acrygel is available in various colours, including transparent, camouflage, pink and white for the reverse French effect. In this way it is possible to create personalized and impressive reconstructed nails.

Acrygel can be used both with the form and with the Dual Form tip, offering the possibility of choosing the reconstruction technique that best suits your needs and preferences. Thanks to its versatility, acrygel is a product appreciated by both professionals and nail art enthusiasts. It can also be used to create the inverse French, a special nail reconstruction technique with acrygel.

Acrygel is therefore a high quality product, which offers many advantages over traditional reconstruction techniques. Thanks to its durability, resistance and versatility, acrygel is an ideal choice for those who want flawless and impressive nails.