Effect Powders

Chrome Powders and Nail Glitter

Chrome, holographic, glitter, chameleon powders to create sensational final effects and nail art decorations on the nails in combination with Gel Polish, Semi-permanent Nail Polish, Color Gels, Builder Gels, Nail Polishes, Dip System and Acrygel. Discover the application techniques in the Tutorial section of our website.

Chrome Powders and Nail Glitter for Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

The special powders for semi-permanent nail polishes represent an extraordinary product in the world of nail art, thanks to their ability to give nails chrome, holographic, glitter and chameleon effects. RobyNails offers a wide range of high quality powders, perfect for creating nail art decorations of all kinds and for giving new life to nails.

The RobyNails range of chrome powders is available in different shades, from classic silver to gold, through pink and blue. Thanks to their ultra-glossy finish, these powders give the nails an unprecedented metallic effect, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the look of the hands.

RobyNails holographic powders are available in various shades and give nails an extraordinary rainbow effect, capable of capturing light in a surprising way and creating a unique and extremely fascinating play of reflections.

For glitter lovers, RobyNails offers a wide selection of glitter powders, able to give nails a brilliant and luminous effect. Available in different shades, these powders can be used both for nail art and to create decorations on semi-permanent nail polishes or natural nails.

RobyNails chameleon powders are perfect for creating original and innovative nail decorations. Thanks to their particular finish, these powders change color according to the light and the angle, creating surprising and always different effects.

All RobyNails powders are ideal to be used in combination with Gel Polish, Semi-Permanent Nail Polishes, Color Gels, Builder Gels, Nail Polishes, Dip System and Acrygel, to create customized and original nail art decorations. Thanks to their high quality and ease of use, RobyNails powders are a must-have for every professional in the sector and for every nail art enthusiast.