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Lash Lift Kit & Extension Kit

A collection of eyelash kits for professional lash lifting and extensions. My Lashes line offers dedicated products for exceptional lash treatments. Our lash lift kits provide keratin lash perm treatment, while our extension kits have all you need for lash lengthening. Choose our lash perm and extension kits!

Lash Lift Kit & Extension Kit

Welcome to our collection of eyelash kits dedicated to professional lash lifting and extensions. With the My Lashes line, a result of our extensive experience in the industry, we offer professional products specifically designed for eyelash treatments. Our eyelash lift kits are crafted to provide impeccable keratin lash perm treatment, ensuring outstanding results. Additionally, our eyelash extension kits contain everything you need to achieve your desired lash length. You won't need to look elsewhere because we have everything you need!

By choosing our lash perm and extension kits, you are entrusting yourself to high-quality products and the Keratin Lash Lift method developed by My Lashes from RobyNails. Our attention to detail and the quality of materials guarantee excellent and long-lasting results. With our eyelash extension kits, you can choose between One-to-One lash extensions or Volume, depending on your preferences and desired final look.

Don't miss the opportunity to give your lashes the appearance you've always desired. Choose our professional kits for lash lift and extensions, and discover a comprehensive and reliable solution for achieving long, full, and perfectly curled lashes. Our collection of lash kits has been specially designed to meet the needs of industry professionals, ensuring amazing and satisfying results for you and your clients.

Rely on the quality and experience of My Lashes from RobyNails. Choose our eyelash lift and extension kits and transform the look of your clients into something truly special. Don't wait any longer, start offering high-quality and differentiated eyelash treatments with our professional kits.