Dip System Colors

Dip Powder

Dip Powder, the colors of the Dip System method! Immersion acrylic allows for a very quick service on natural nails, using over 40 colors of Dip Powder, the latest generation colored acrylic powders. With the Dip Powders you can easily make colored nails, shades and effects such as the Baby Boomer with great ease. Colors can also be combined together to create new colors or to make beautiful gradients.

Dip Powder: odorless acrylic colors for nail reconstruction

Dip Powders are a growing trend in the world of nail reconstruction. They allow you to obtain spectacular results in a short time. This method, called Dip System, uses colored acrylic powders which, thanks to the use of a special adhesive, are perfectly fixed to natural nails.

With over 40 colors available, the Dip Powders allow you to create a wide range of effects, from intense and bright shades to delicate gradients and shades. Furthermore, thanks to their versatility, it is possible to create unique decorations and patterns with great ease.

The Dip System is an immersion method that stands out for its speed: with just three simple steps, it is possible to obtain perfect and long-lasting nails. Furthermore, this method does not require the use of UV/LED lamps for curing, making application even faster and more efficient.

Dip Powders are an excellent choice for those looking for a quick and easy method of nail reconstruction, but also for those who want to experiment with new effects and decorations without difficulty. Thanks to the wide range of colors and ease of use, colored acrylic powders represent an ideal solution for obtaining nails that are always on top and with a unique and personal style.