The one phase hybrid gel

Acrygel is the monophasic hybrid that combines the characteristics of acrylic with those of gel. Unlike acrylic, it does not require the use of monomer. Like gel, acrygel cures in a UV or LED lamp. Harder than gel and more flexible than acrylic. The high viscosity allows for precise application. Odorless, resistant and light, soft to file, it guarantees excellent results even on the most extreme lengths.

Acrygel, an ideal product for all types of nail reconstruction.

Acrygel is a hybrid technology that represents the evolution of the union between the characteristics of the acrylic and those of the gel. This product has been designed to meet the needs of those looking for a highly resistant and durable material that is flexible and easy to file at the same time. Thanks to its particular formulation, Acrygel has a very thick and creamy consistency which allows a precise application without smudging or ripples.

Unlike traditional acrylic, Acrygel does not require the use of monomer for polymerization and, like gel, requires a UV/LED lamp for hardening. This guarantees fast and uniform drying, which saves time in the processing phase. Furthermore, thanks to its thicker consistency, Acrygel adheres perfectly to the nails and allows you to create extreme shapes and lengths with great ease.

Acrygel is soft to file and guarantees perfect hold over time. Its high resistance makes it ideal for the reconstruction of brittle and damaged nails. Furthermore, being odourless, it guarantees a more comfortable work experience for the professional and for the client.

Thanks to its high viscosity, Acrygel is ideal for creating decorated and customized nails. In addition, its consistency also makes it suitable for the creation of French manicures, reconstruction of tips and sculptures. It can be used on natural nails, for nail extensions and with the dual form, the special tip for Acrygel.

In conclusion, Acrygel represents an excellent choice for those looking for a high quality product with excellent performance. Thanks to its versatility, this hybrid monophasic can be used to meet the needs of each customer, guaranteeing results of excellent hold and resistance.