Nail reconstruction forms

The tools necessary to carry out the nail reconstruction work in a professional way. Nail reconstruction forms, tip cutters, skin pushers, wraps for the removal of semi-permanent nail polish, fiberglass and everything necessary for the nail reconstruction professional!

Nail reconstruction forms, cuticle pusher, tip cutter

These nail reconstruction products are all essential accessories, even for manicure services and for the application of semi-permanent nail polish.

Forms represent one of the tools most used by professionals in the sector, able to allow the extension of the natural nail and the creation of personalized shapes and lengths, including the stiletto. Their use is very simple: once the gel has been applied on the natural nail and on the form, the nail can be modeled according to the desired shape. The forms are made of soft material that adapts to any type of nail.

The cuticle pusher is a tool used to push back the cuticles and remove dead skin. Its ergonomic shape allows easy and precise use, avoiding damage to the natural nail. The cuticle pusher is an essential accessory for a perfect manicure. You can also use the classic orange stick.

The Tip Cutter is a tool used to shorten the tips for nail reconstruction. Tips are pre-formed extensions used to lengthen the natural nail. The Tip Cutter allows you to obtain a uniform length in an easy and precise way.

Semi-permanent nail polish wraps are aluminum foils used to remove semi-permanent nail polish. Thanks to their use, the product is easily dissolved and removed, without damaging the natural nail.

Fiberglass is a particular type of nail reconstruction, in which this material, enriched with glass fibers, is applied to reconstruct damaged or brittle nails. It guarantees perfect adhesion to the gel on the natural nail, allowing the reconstruction to last longer.

 All these products are essential to obtain a perfect, resistant and long-lasting nail reconstruction. Used together, they allow you to create a complete treatment, for nails that are always perfect.