Gel Polish Filler

Reinforced semi-permanent gel polish

Colored Filler Base: reinforced semi-permanent nail polish for a surprising result. Rubber Base semi-permanent nail polish, structure and color in a single product. Self-levelling, elastic and flexible, quick to apply, the Gel Polish Colored Filler Bases, special rubber bases, guarantee exceptional durability even on the most fragile nails and easy removal.

Reinforced semi-permanent gel polish rubber

Colored Filler Bases are the perfect solution for women who want to have colored but strengthened nails at the same time. These semi-permanent nail polishes are in fact made with a highly professional formula that guarantees flawless hold for a long time.

Thanks to their special rubber base, these Gel Polish Colored Filler Bases not only protect fragile nails but strengthen them making them more resistant and elastic. Furthermore, their self-leveling texture facilitates application, giving a uniform and perfect result without the need for many strokes.

Thanks to their elasticity and flexibility, the colored Filler Bases do not chip easily and resist shocks and daily stresses. Furthermore, their easy removal makes the treatment even more advantageous.

Choose from the different colors available: in this section of the site you will find pastel colors, while in the Base and Semi-Permanent Top section you will find the transparent Filler rubber base, mliky, cover in various opaque or milky shades.