Additional Products

Professional Nail Products

The best selection of highly professional nail reconstruction products. This section includes products for nail care services, such as cuticle oils, cuticle dissolvers and hand creams for a perfect manicure. It also includes the Magic Cleanser, a cleaner for nail preparation and the Gel Polish Remover, a solvent for removing semi-permanent nail polishes.

Products for Nail Extension, Manicure, Nail Care and Semi-Permanent Nail Polish accessories

A complete line of products for nail reconstruction and nail care. Nail care is essential to keep your hands beautiful and well-groomed and for this reason it is important to choose a line of highly professional products.

Among our products you will find the cuticle melter, which will help you soften the skin around the nails for a delicate and precise removal.

To prepare nails for reconstruction, our cleaner is ideal for degreasing nails and for cleaning up the dispersion layer of semi-permanent gels and nail polishes. Proper nail preparation is essential for the perfect adherence of nail reconstruction products and for a longer duration of manicure and semi-permanent nail polish services.

Our line includes Gel Polish Remover, a solvent for removing semi-permanent nail polish. Based on acetone and emollients, it allows for delicate removal of semi-permanent nail polish, maintaining the correct hydration of the skin around the nails.

Furthermore, we not only take care of the reconstruction, but we also have products to strengthen and nourish the nails. Natural products based on keratin and many ingredients specifically designed to strengthen nails of all types, from the most fragile nails to nails weakened by the use of incorrect products.

With our nail reconstruction and nail care products you can achieve impeccable and professional results. Choose from the wide range of products available to perform a perfect manicure and guarantee your nails the care and attention they deserve.