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Nail reconstruction lamp and professional drill

LED nail reconstruction lamps. Professional nail lamps. Gel lamps, semi-permanent nail polish lamps and acrygel lamps. Replacement bulbs for UV lamps. Professional drills for nail reconstruction with a selection of high quality tips.

Nail reconstruction LED UV lamp and professional drill

The nail lamp is an indispensable tool for every professional who deals with nail reconstruction, but also for those who like to take care of their nails with semi-permanent nail polishes.

Thanks to the LED and UV lamp, it is possible to polymerize nail reconstruction products such as builder gels and semi-permanent nail polishes in just a few seconds, obtaining a resistant and long-lasting result over time. RobyNails offers a lamp with LED technology, faster and safer for nail health, equipped with timer, heat reduction and new generation LEDs.

Not only the nail lamp, the nail drill is also an essential tool to facilitate the work of professionals and obtain a precise and flawless result. The drill, equipped with various interchangeable tips, allows you to file the nails precisely, remove the excess cuticle and shape the nail as desired.

Nail lamps and drills with different technical characteristics and different prices to satisfy different work and budget needs. All products are tested and certified to ensure safety and quality.

Choosing the right tools for nail care means obtaining an impeccable result and satisfying the client's needs, guaranteeing a long duration of the work.