Gel Polish Cat Eye

Semi-permanent nail polish 9D Magnet

Semi-permanent nail polishes with the latest generation Cat Eye magnetic effect. Magnetic polishes which, with the use of special magnets, allow you to create surprising luminescent reflections and unique shades of great impact. They contain precious bright and multicolored micro particles for decorations with a multidimensional look.

Magnetic Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Magnetic Gel Polishes are the ideal solution for those who want to get an original look on their nails. Thanks to the special magnets, it is possible to create iridescent effects and surprising decorations in just a few steps.

The range of colors of these nail polishes includes shades of various types, capable of enhancing any style and personality. Magnetic Gel Polishes are easy to use and can be applied both alone and in combination with other gel polish colors, to create a unique and personalized nail art.

For best results, it is recommended to use a base for semi-permanent nail polish and a top coat for perfect hold and color brilliance. Check out our tutorials to learn how to create fantastic decorations with magnetic Gel Polishes!