Nail extension kit

Nail reconstruction kit: thanks to our experience, a selection of the best products for nail reconstruction. Nail reconstruction gel kit, monophasic gel kit, semi-permanent nail polish kit, acrylic immersion kit, acrygel kit. The results you'll get with our nail reconstruction kits will be truly amazing, whether you're a beginner or an expert! Rebuild kits at an advantageous price and suitable for all levels of experience. Kit with lamp or without lamp.

Nail extension kit and semi-permanent nail polish

Our nail reconstruction kits have been studied with care and attention thanks to our experience in the sector. We offer a wide range of kits, including the nail reconstruction gel kit, the semi-permanent nail polish kit, the immersion acrylic kit, the acrygel kit. All designed to meet the different needs of nail technicians, both beginners and experts.

Our kits contain all the products needed for professional nail reconstruction, including one-phase builder gels, three-phase gels, fiber gels, ultra-glossy top coats, primers and much more. Each product has been selected based on its specific characteristics and reliability, to guarantee you the best possible result.

Not only do we offer the best nail reconstruction kits, but we also have semi-permanent nail polish kits with lamp, which contain all the products needed for perfect streak-free application and quick drying.

Our kits are also recommended for nail reconstruction training courses with tips or forms, as they are designed to facilitate the work of nail technicians at all experience levels. In addition to this, our kits can also be purchased by those who wish to start working directly, offering everything a professional technique needs.

We offer only high quality products guaranteeing an impeccable and lasting nail reconstruction work.