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Gel System is made up of a series of gels with different characteristics which allow you to tackle any type of nail, even modifying its shape and length; they last several weeks.

Gel Polish on the other hand are semi-permanent nail polishes which allow you to work on natural nails, making them more elegant, without changing their shape and length; they last up to 3 weeks. Gel Polish is easy to remove, thanks to the specific removal liquid.

RobyNails gels are available in different viscosity and colors; thanks to their exclusive chemical formulation, they are perfectly self-leveling and do not have tacky layer and residues to clean. For this reason, they do not require any filing during application and they allow you to give the perfect shape to the nail, with a considerable saving of time, product and files.

  • RobyNails gels are easy to apply, they can be easily spread out without leaking.
  • RobyNails gels have excellent adhesion and exceptional durability.
  • RobyNails gels are very elastic and flexible and therefore very resistant to shocks.
  • RobyNails gels give excellent results for enhancement with both tip and form.
  • RobyNails Gels are very good value for money, they are 100% Made in Italy being produced in the Italian RobyNails laboratories.

RobyNails Gel Polish stands out for its professional formulation and it allows you to offer a long-lasting service in extra fast time. RobyNails Gel Polish is easy to apply with an impeccable result and an incomparable and lasting shine. RobyNails Gel Polish line has a wide range of extra-covering colors, with seasonal collections following the latest fashion trends.

If correctly applied, the gel lasts several weeks: in order to keep nails in perfect condition, a refill service should be made every 3-4 weeks depending on the growth. For refill, it is not necessary to completely remove the gel, you only need to level the growth area and then proceed with a new gel application.

Gel removal should always be performed by a professional. RobyNails gels, thanks to their special formulation, are soft to file and can be easily removed with dedicated files. Gel Polishes are removed with the specific removal liquid.

There are various types of UV and LED lamps with different curing times, which depend on the formulation of the gel used: it is therefore very important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
RobyNails gels dry faster than other gels, so we recommend using them with our professional UV or UV/LED lamps.

Bulbs must be replaced only for UV lamps and they usually last about 600 hours. It is however advisable to replace them every 6 months. The UV/LED lamps have no bulbs to replace.

Yes, as an alternative to Gel Color you can apply also Gel Polish over gel : you can use any color of both Gel Polish and 1-Step lines.

No. Our nail polishes are actually 10-Free, that is, they do not contain the following ingredients: Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPP, Parabens, Gluten, Ethyl Tosylamide, MEHQ.
In addition, also RobyNails Gel Polishes are 10-Free.

Yes, our nail polishes are Cruelty Free. They are produced and developed without animal testing, in accordance with the relevant European legislation.
In addition, also RobyNails Gel Polishes are Cruelty Free.