Gel Polish Base and Tops

Professional Gel Polish

RobyNails professional semi-permanent nail polish is a Gel Polish with an exclusive formulation that facilitates the professional's work and guarantees exceptional durability. Choose the Bases and Top Coats that best suit you! You will find many different products designed to achieve excellent results on any type of nail. Semi-permanent bases Filler, Rubber and Cover. Glossy and Matte Top Coats, with or without dispersion.

Professional Gel Polish: Base and Top Coat for Gel Polish

Semi-permanent nail polishes have become a must-have for anyone who wants to always have perfect and well-groomed nails. Our line of professional Gel Polishes is one of the most complete and innovative on the market, with different Bases and Tops, each suitable for a specific use.

We have the Base & Top semi-permanent nail polish: a multifunctional product that combines the characteristics of the base and the top coat in a single product. Thanks to its advanced formula, this semi-permanent base/top ensures excellent adhesion of the semi-permanent nail polish, protects the nail surface and gives a shiny and lasting effect.

Alternatively, as bases we have the Filler Bases, also known as semi-permanent Rubber Bases, much appreciated by professionals: they are semi-permanent filling nail polishes, ideal for all types of nails. Also known as reinforced semi-permanent nail polishes, thanks to their texture, they are easy to apply and offer a uniform and natural result even on the most fragile nails. Furthermore, they are particularly easy to remove and protect natural nails. Available in many shades with a natural nude effect, the Filler Bases are perfect for those who want well-groomed and delicate nails.

Our semi-permanent nail polish bases are designed to achieve the most different effects. The Base Cover, for example, is ideal for covering discolored nails or for creating a homogeneous effect on the base of the nail. The Milky Base, on the other hand, is perfect for creating nails with a flawless natural effect and the Baby Boomer effect.

Even among the semi-permanent Top Coats it is possible to choose between different types. In addition to the aforementioned Base & Top, two products in one, we have the Perfect Top Coat, an ultra-glossy sealer that is perfect in combination with the Filler Bases. Then we have the Mirror Top Coat, a special top coat without dispersion, ideal for creating mirror effect decorations and nail art. Finally, the Matte Top Coat, a product used to obtain a matte finish on the nails: applied over the semi-permanent nail polish, this top coat creates an elegant and sophisticated effect, ideal for those who love minimalist looks.

All our professional semi-permanent nail polish formulas guarantee exceptional hold and long-lasting shine, for perfect nails up to 3 weeks.

Our line of Semi-permanent Nail Polishes is suitable for all needs, both for professional use and for enthusiasts, and has been designed to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers.