Nail Art Tools

Nail Art Tools

The art of nail decoration requires the use of some simple tools and specific products to design, decorate and color the nail. Let your imagination inspire you or follow us on social channels, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube for lots of inspirations!

Nail Art Tools

Nail decoration is an art that requires creativity, precision and, above all, the right tools. To create nail art, in addition to the nail art brushes available in the Brushes section, it is important to have some basic tools such as palette, tweezers, scissors, silicone stamper. Each tool has its own specific function and can be used for particular nail art techniques.

But what products are needed to design, decorate and color nails? Many products can be used such as colored gel, the base product which, in addition to assuring excellent nail coverage, can be used to create a lot of decorations. Even semi-permanent nail polishes are excellent for different decoration techniques.

To create more detailed designs you can use watercolors for micropainting, real acrylic paints that allow you to create shades and shadows with extreme ease.

Then there are the glitters, the colored pigments, the felt-tip pens with a very fine tip, various molds ideal for creating three-dimensional effects and luminous reflections.

As for the technique, you can make freehand drawings, apply stickers or use pads. In particular, nail art stamps (silicone stamper) are small tools equipped with rubber or silicone head that allow you to apply nail polish and other products on the nail surface in a precise and varied way.

In conclusion, the art of nail decoration requires the use of some simple tools and specific products to create and color the nail. With a little imagination and creativity, it is possible to create real works of art on your nails, for an always original and refined look.