Solid Powders

Solid Chrome Powders mirror effect

Compact and extra-covering powders, which are applied to the nails to create ultra-glossy mirror-like metallic effects. Solid Chrome Powders are used on Gel Polish, Semi-permanent Nail Polish, Nail reconstruction gel, Acrygel and Dip System. The solid chrome powders give the possibility to create unique decorations of various and precious shades with a very easy application.

Solid Powders mirror effect

Mirror-effect solid powders, such as Solid Chrome Powders, represent a perfect solution for those who want to decorate their nails with extraordinarily shiny and reflective metallic effects, such as those obtainable with a real mirror. These compact and extra covering powders are easy to apply on different types of nail polishes and gels, such as Semi-permanent Nail Polishes, Gel Polish, Gel System, Acrygel and Dip System. Thanks to their high versatility, the Solid Chrome Powders offer a range of various and precious shades, perfect for creating nail art decorations of all kinds.

The mirror-effect solid powders are easily applied to the nails thanks to their compact texture. Furthermore, they allow you to create unique and personalized decorations, capable of satisfying the requests of those who want perfect nails on every occasion. In fact, these powders guarantee an ultra-glossy and extraordinarily reflective effect that does not go unnoticed.

Mirror-effect solid powders are a real must-have in the world of nail art. RobyNails Solid Chrome Powders allow you to obtain extraordinarily reflective and ultra-glossy effects, perfect for creating unique and personalized decorations. Thanks to their compatibility with different types of nail polishes and gels, these powders offer endless creative possibilities, allowing you to obtain precious and original effects on any type of nail.