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Nail reconstruction products

Ultra-glossy top coat for nail reconstruction, primers for perfect adhesion. A selection of nail reconstruction products to offer a professional service. Explore our section to find the gel sealer or primer that best suits your needs for perfect nail reconstruction results.

Primer and Shine Top Coat for nail reconstruction

The correct choice of primer and top coat is essential to obtain the best results in nail reconstruction.

Nail reconstruction products, such as primer and adhesion promoter, are essential to ensure perfect adhesion of the gels to the natural nail. Their high-quality formula ensures excellent hold even on the most difficult nails, guaranteeing a professional and long-lasting service.

The top coat, on the other hand, is the last step to obtain a perfect nail reconstruction. This product protects the work done by the nail technician and gives a permanent shine to the nails. The range of top coats includes different finishes to choose from based on personal preferences: from the classic shiny effect top coat, to the glitter top coat for a glamorous effect, passing through the natural effect top coat for a more sophisticated look. Our gel top coats are without dispersion layer, perfectly shiny after lamp curing!

Our nail design top coats are scratch and impact resistant, ensuring a perfect, shiny look for weeks. For a perfect nail reconstruction, before applying the top coat, you can choose from a vast selection of colours, gel colors or semi-permanent nail polishes. Choose from our many color shades to get the perfect manicure, from classic to the latest season trends.

Our nail reconstruction products are suitable for both professionals in the sector and those who want to take care of their nails with a professional product.