Solid Chrome Powders

Solid Chrome Powders are compact and extra covering powders, which are applied on the nails to create ultra-shiny mirror-like metallic effects.

They are applied on a clear base or on a black or tone-on-tone background depending on desired  result. Solid Chrome Powders are used on Gel Polish, Gel System, Acrygel, Dip System and give the possibility to create unique decorations.

Compared to the classic Chrome Powders, light and impalpable and with fantastic iridescent and shimmering effects, the Solid Chrome Powders give shiny and extra cover results. They have the characteristic of not being volatile, thus making their application extremely easy.

They are applied on the entire nail or only in some areas, using the applicator included in  the package.

They are available in 6 beautiful colors: Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, Copper, Fuchsia.

Instructions for use:

1. Apply the clear or colored base (Gel or Gel Polish) and place in LED lamp

2. Apply Gel Polish Mirror Top Coat taking care to seal the tip and place in LED lamp for 30 seconds

3. Pick up Solid Chrome Powder with the applicator and blend it evenly over the entire nail, including the tip, with a light pressure

4. Remove any dust residues with Dusting Brush

5. Place in LED lamp 15 seconds to fix the color

6. Apply Gel Polish Mirror Top Coat all over the nail, including the tip

7. Place in LED lamp 60/90 seconds for the final shine

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