Gel System Airless packaging

RobyNails, always at the forefront and careful to customer needs, presents the new Airless container for Gel System.

Modern and elegant looking, the Airless container provides an effortless and waistless  product dosage with the simple pressure on the cap, assuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Ideal to apply the quantity required in the different application steps, also thanks to exclusive self leveling formula of RobyNails gel, the new Airless container allows a fast and clean work with exceptional results.

The new packaging has unique characteristics:

  • New concept in the Nail world
  • Perfect dosage without effort
  • Use of all the product without waste
  • Maximum cleanness and hygiene
  • Elegant and modern look 
  • Makes technician work easy
  • Working table always in order
  • Unique and Innovative
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