Acrygel Course


1 day



Opening time


Model required


Certificate issued



Supplied by RobyNails


The course is addressed at those who want to learn the use of Acrygel, the hybrid monophasic gel that combines the working characteristics of acrylic with those of the gel. A full immersion course where you will learn the different methods of using Acrygel on a natural nail, with tip and form. You will also learn the correct application of the special Tip Dual Form which allows to perform a great and fast service.


Learn the different techniques and correct application of Acrygel, the new generation hybrid system.


Presentation of Acrygel

Illustration of the working method

Preparation of the natural nail

Acrygel application on natural nail

Extension with Tip

Color application on Acrygel

Extension with form French Effect Map (French Reverse)

Pinching and filing technique

Application with Tip Dual Form

Removal procedure

Refill with Acrygel


Work experience with UV gel or liquid&powder acrylic


1 intensive day during which mainly work practice is carried out. The presence of a model is not needed.

All course equipment and products needed are made available by RobyNails.

At the end of the course the participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


RobyNails offers continuous assistance even after the course. Our teachers will always be available to resolve any doubts or provide clarifications to perform the activity in a professional manner.

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