Natural Fix 10 ml

Cod. 14831 | 10 ml


Natural Fix is a nail treatment with purifying and sanitizing action. Contains organic active principles like Propolis, Lavender essential Oil and Tea Tree Oil with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Used daily, prevents nail exfoliation and promotes healthy growth.
Quantity: 10 ml


- Bottle with brush for an easy application

- Natural nourishing and protecting ingredients

- Non oily consistency which assures a fast absorption without leaving oily residues

- Fresh natural fragrance

- Indicated for all type of nails in particular dry or thickened

When to use

- To sanitize and prevent fungi

- In case of faded, dry or thickened nail

- For professional use during manicure service

- For daily use of the client, in particular before going to swimming pools, gyms or other places where more protection is advisable

How to use

Apply the product once or twice daily on clean and dry nail surface and on the surrounding area. Massage until completely absorbed.

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