Keratin Nutrition 10 ml

Cod. 14836 | 10 ml


It is a nourishing and strengthening treatment for nails with hydrolysed keratin, a protein element essential for improving the nail structure and increasing its hydration and elasticity. In the form of gel serum in a brush bottle, Keratin Nutrition is applied daily to the natural dry nail and penetrates in a few seconds without leaving oily residues.
Quantity: 10 ml


Formula with keratin and other important active ingredients:

• Soy Protein, a natural ingredient with hydrating and revitalizing properties

• Physiogenil, a sodium, magnesium and zinc compound with remineralizing  function 

• Ginkgo Biloba, natural extract with antiaging and antistress cosmetic properties

A regular use of Keratin Nutrition nourishes, strengthens and regenerates the nail plate, stimulates growth preventing exfoliation and breakage.

When to use

Recommended for easily breaking brittle nails which tend to peel off mainly at the tip area.

How to use

Brush over clean dry natural nails, applying on all nail surface and free edge. Wait a few seconds for drying and product absorption.

During the first week of treatment repeat application many times a day. Afterwards, continue with a daily application, preferably in the evening, for best absorption during night time. After one month usage results will be very evident.

On initial phase Keratin Nutrition application is suggested over natural nail without polish or gel. During maintenance period Keratin Nutrition may be used also when wearing nail polish or gel. Regular application is very useful in the growth area and under nail free edge. 

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