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Nail Corner

Do you have a salon and want to introduce an innovative service?

Do you get increasing requests for nail enhancement from your clients?

Are you looking for a complete and high quality solution?

To answer your questions the brand new RobyNails Corner is now available.
RobyNails Corner will give you the opportunity to offer a service of nail enhancement with high quality and advanced professional products, creating a unique and stylish setting within your salon.

Nail Corner furniture is suitable for any kind of shop and it is available in different colours and solutions.

Furthermore, RobyNails offers professional personal education based on a three-levels training, which is necessary to be able to propose to the clients all the different kind of services.

Finally, RobyNails Corner will allow you to use products of a highly demanded brand and you will have access to promotional products for the showcase.

Nail Corner furniture has the following characteristics:

- Varnished wood working table with exclusive RobyNails design, convenient drawers, steel legs, working table with original bend and quality finish. Available in different colours.
- Revolving chairs with adjustable height. Available in different colours.


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